How To Remove Crypto Mining Malware

Cryptocurrency/ crypto mining malware, a malicious software, appropriates your computer’s processing power for mining digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Your computer can fall victim to crypto mining malware without your approval, leading to substantial resource consumption.

This article provides instructions on eradicating crypto mining malware from your system.

Crypto Mining Malware
Prevent crypto mining malware by using anti-mining browser extensions, disabling JavaScript, and deploying security extensions: Photo source (Forbes)

What is crypto mining malware and what are the symptoms?

Crypto mining malware operates with the intent of generating profits by utilizing a victim’s computer resources for mining cryptocurrency.

This malicious software can lead to various issues, including computer slowdowns or complete system failures.

Victims of crypto mining malware are at risk of having their CPU and memory resources stolen, which can severely impact their computer’s performance or lead to crashes.

Removing this malware can be challenging due to its reliance on the victim’s computer for mining operations.

If you suspect your computer is infected with crypto mining malware, there are straightforward methods to eliminate it.

In the following sections, I will guide you on how to remove Crypto Mining Malware.

How to detect crypto mining malware?

To detect crypto mining malware, be vigilant for unusual signs like high CPU/GPU usage, increased network traffic, or overheating.

Use specialized scanning programs to find malicious files; some antivirus software can detect cryptocurrency miners.

Monitor system processes for unauthorized mining software.

If suspicious activity is found, terminate the process and conduct a full antivirus scan to ensure your system’s security.

How can we prevent crypto mining malware from infecting our computers?

Crypto mining malware transforms computers into mining servers for cryptocurrencies, infecting any system.

Preventive measures include updating software, maintaining security settings, avoiding suspicious email attachments/links, ensuring a clean computer, and using a virus scanner before installing new software.

Steps to take to remove crypto mining malware

To remove crypto-mining malware:

  1. Check for suspicious files or programs related to mining and remove them.
  2. Disable unnecessary auto-start programs to prevent automatic malware activation.
  3. Update your antivirus software to detect and stop crypto-mining malware.
  4. Keep your antivirus software up to date to protect against various malware threats.

How to Remove Crypto Mining Malware from your website (CoinHive)

Website owners facing crypto mining malware issues can take proactive steps for mitigation.

Firstly, maintain updated and secure websites with regular software patches and anti-virus/malware tools to prevent malware infiltration.

Secondly, monitor active user accounts, disabling suspicious ones promptly.

Stay vigilant for unusual activities and report any malicious cryptocurrency mining to authorities.

Employ reasonable security measures and conduct full-site scans using to detect potential hacks.

In case of a breach, consult a security expert immediately.


If your computer is infected with crypto mining malware, try removing it manually or with antivirus software.

Backup important files before attempting removal.

Exercise caution online, especially with unfamiliar resources.




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