How To Get My Crypto Out Of Voyager Wallet

Step into Voyager’s world, where cryptocurrency thrives. Buy, sell, and securely store digital assets hassle-free.

New to crypto or Voyager? Wondering how to withdraw your crypto? Don’t worry. We’ll guide you through the process safely.

But first, acknowledge the risks of keeping crypto on an exchange like Voyager. It’s safer in your personal wallet.

Ready to move your crypto? Let’s get started!

  1. Set up a Voyager account and secure it with 2FA and a strong password.
  2. Understand Voyager’s wallets: VIP for earning interest, Voyager Wallet for storage and transfers.
  3. Check if your external wallet supports the crypto you want to withdraw.
  4. Initiate the transfer, ensuring you have the correct wallet address and any required memo/tag.

Stay tuned for transferring steps and potential challenges ahead.

How to get my Crypto out of Voyager
To withdraw cryptocurrency from Voyager, log in, go to ‘Account’ or ‘Wallet’, click ‘Withdraw’ or ‘Transfer’, choose your cryptocurrency, enter withdrawal amount and external wallet address, then confirm with security measures like password or 2FA: Image source (Coinbase)

Setting Up your Voyager Account

To withdraw crypto from Voyager, set up your account first.

  1. Register: Go to Voyager’s website, click “Sign Up” or “Register,” fill in your info.
  2. Verification: Verify your account with ID docs for KYC.
  3. Security: Use 2FA for extra security, like Google Authenticator.
  4. Deposit: After setup and verification, deposit crypto. Choose your currency, follow instructions.
  5. Explore: Get to know Voyager’s platform. Trade, view charts, tweak settings. Check out Voyager Interest Program for earning interest.

Understanding Voyager Wallets

When it comes to withdrawing your crypto from Voyager, it is important to have a clear understanding of the wallets offered by the platform.

Voyager provides two main types of wallets: the Voyager Interest Program (VIP) account and the Voyager Wallet account. Let’s delve into each of these wallets to better comprehend their purposes and functionality.

Voyager Interest Program (VIP) Account:

The VIP account is designed for users who want to earn interest on their crypto holdings. When you deposit crypto into your VIP account, Voyager offers interest rates on selected cryptocurrencies.

The interest is calculated based on the size of your holdings and specific interest rate tiers. The VIP account allows you to hold your crypto assets and earn interest over time.

Voyager Wallet Account:

The Voyager Wallet is your main storage and transfer hub for cryptocurrencies. It’s custodial, meaning Voyager holds your private keys.

For added security, consider transferring funds to a personal wallet.

To withdraw, move crypto from your VIP account to Voyager Wallet. Check supported currencies for each account.

Transferring Crypto to Voyager Wallet

To withdraw crypto from Voyager, transfer it from your VIP account to Voyager Wallet:

  1. Go to Voyager Wallet in your account.
  2. Select your cryptocurrency and amount.
  3. Confirm the transfer, considering fees.
  4. Voyager initiates the transfer, which may take time.
  5. After completion, your crypto is in your Voyager Wallet.

Note: Some cryptos may need extra steps. Follow Voyager’s instructions. Once transferred, you can proceed with withdrawal.

Withdrawing Crypto from Voyager Wallet

Now that you have your crypto assets in your Voyager Wallet account, you can proceed with the withdrawal process. Follow these steps to withdraw your crypto from Voyager:

  1. Navigate to the Withdrawal Section: Log in to your Voyager account and locate the withdrawal section. This is usually found in the wallet or account settings area.
  2. Select the Cryptocurrency: Choose the specific cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw from your Voyager Wallet. Ensure that you select the correct cryptocurrency, as withdrawals cannot be reversed once initiated.
  3. Enter the Withdrawal Address: Provide the external wallet address where you want your crypto to be sent. This address should belong to a wallet that supports the specific cryptocurrency you are withdrawing.
  4. Specify the Amount: Enter the amount of crypto you want to withdraw. Double-check the amount to ensure accuracy and take note of any minimum withdrawal limits or network transaction fees that may apply.
  5. Verify the Withdrawal: Review the withdrawal details, including the destination address and the withdrawal amount. Confirm that all the information is correct before proceeding.
  6. Confirm the Withdrawal: Once you are satisfied with the withdrawal details, confirm the withdrawal request. Depending on the cryptocurrency and network congestion, the withdrawal may take some time to process. Be patient and allow for the necessary confirmations on the blockchain.

It’s important to note that some cryptocurrencies may require additional steps during the withdrawal process, such as providing a memo/tag or other forms of identification. If this is the case for the cryptocurrency you are withdrawing, make sure to follow any instructions provided by Voyager to ensure a successful withdrawal.

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Common Challenges and Troubleshooting

While withdrawing your crypto from Voyager is generally a straightforward process, there may be some common challenges that you might encounter. Here are a few troubleshooting tips to help you navigate through any potential issues:

1. Incorrect Withdrawal Address:

Double-check the withdrawal address you provided before confirming the withdrawal. It’s crucial to ensure the accuracy of the address to avoid sending your crypto to the wrong destination.

Always verify the address with the recipient or cross-reference it with a trusted source, such as a QR code or official website.

2. Insufficient Funds:

Make sure you have enough crypto in your Voyager Wallet account to cover the withdrawal amount, including any network transaction fees.

Insufficient funds can result in a failed withdrawal. Check your wallet balance and factor in any fees before initiating the withdrawal.

3. Network Congestion:

During periods of high network congestion, transactions on the blockchain may take longer to process.

If your withdrawal is taking longer than usual, it could be due to network congestion. Patience is key in these situations, and you can track the progress of your transaction using a blockchain explorer.

4. Cryptocurrency-Specific Requirements:

Some cryptocurrencies may have additional requirements for withdrawals, such as providing a memo/tag or inputting specific destination tags.

Make sure to carefully read and follow any instructions provided by Voyager for these specific cryptocurrencies to ensure a successful withdrawal.

5. Contact Voyager Support:

For withdrawal help, contact Voyager support. Find contact info on their website or submit a support ticket. Overcome common challenges with troubleshooting tips. Be cautious when withdrawing crypto.


Congrats on mastering crypto withdrawals from Voyager! Followed steps to set up account, understand wallets, transfer & withdraw crypto safely. Ensure security with 2FA, strong password, and updates.

Consider personal wallet for full control. Check withdrawal details & fees. Reach out to Voyager support if needed. Stay updated on best practices. Manage your assets according to your strategy.

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