Why Are Crypto Billionaires Dying? Explained

Cryptocurrency users face various risks such as scams, hacks, and market fluctuations.

While following safety measures can protect against some dangers, growing wealth in the crypto world can attract unwanted attention.

Crypto magnates, often vocal about profits online, are vulnerable to attacks.

Several crypto whales have tragically met their end due to others’ actions.

Crypto Billionaires Dying
Why are crypto billionaires dying: Photo source (Crypto.news)

Dead Crypto Billionaires and Millionaires: Untimely Tragedies

Although I am only listing 5 victims here, there were many more.

Notable crypto figures like Matthew Mellon and Gerald Cotten faced mysterious deaths – some murdered, others succumbed to illness or vanished.

Fernando Pérez Algaba

Fernando Pérez Algaba, once a sandwich seller at 14, became a wealthy crypto influencer, sharing his success on Instagram with 916k followers.

His journey from humble beginnings includes luxury cars, watches, and grand parties, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

Fernando Pérez Algaba
Source (Forbes)
What happened?

On July 23, 2023, Algaba’s body was found in a suitcase near an Argentine stream, sparking immediate attention due to suspicious circumstances.

Investigations into his mysterious death reveal factors like debt, conflict with tax agency, and ties to a hooligan group, leading authorities to consider personal vendettas and fraud schemes as possible motives.

Nikolai Mushegian

Nikolai Mushegian, a cryptocurrency expert, created stablecoin DAI and co-founded MakerDAO to fight global banking corruption, earning him hero status in the crypto community.

Nikolai Mushegian
Source (Forbes)

What happened?

In a tragic event, Mushegian was found dead off Puerto Rico’s shores in October 2022.

His mysterious death is unsettling due to his last tweets hinting at threats against his life, blaming US and Israeli intelligence agencies and the “pedo elite.

Javier Biosca

Javier Biosca, who went from being the owner of a modest hardware store to becoming a crypto millionaire, had a journey marked by ambition and intrigue.

He was the founder of the Algorithms Group.

As his prominence grew in the crypto space, he earned a notorious reputation as a crypto scammer, amassing wealth through dubious means, as reported by authorities.

Javier Biosca
Photo Source(Forbes)

What happened?

In a twist of fate, November 2022 saw Biosca’s life tragically end as he plummeted from a hotel balcony in Spain.

While many speculate that it was a case of retribution for his dealings, the truth remains shrouded in mystery.

Debate persists over whether his end was self-inflicted or caused by external forces.

The Underlying Threat? More than Just Digital Dangers

Numerous crypto billionaires’ mysterious deaths have spawned conspiracy theories.

Some suspect jealousy or online fans as culprits, while others point fingers at secret services or organized crime groups.

The scale and frequency of these deaths, occurring within the crypto community, raise suspicions.

Patterns, like four billionaires dying within a short span, fuel these theories.

Some link these incidents to opposition from central banking establishments and powerful financial institutions, adding complexity and fear in the crypto community.

Speculation intertwines with tales of espionage, corporate rivalries, and the financial world’s dark side.

Moving Forward: How Can Crypto Owners Protect Themselves?

The unnerving tales of these crypto magnates bring forth an essential question: How can one navigate the tumultuous waters of the crypto world safely? Here are some measures that can be considered:

Discretion over Display: High-profile individuals in the crypto world should avoid flaunting wealth online to reduce attention and security risks.

Strengthen Digital and Physical Security: Crypto enthusiasts protect assets using secure platforms like Bithumb or Binance. Prioritize personal safety by avoiding online information sharing and considering private security measures.

Avoid Centralized Dependence: Spread assets across various platforms and wallets to reduce risks from centralized exchanges and single cryptocurrency businesses.

Stay Educated and Updated: The crypto realm is ever-evolving. Stay informed about crypto market security, threats, and safe trading for the best defense.


The enigmatic deaths of crypto influencers highlight the risks of wealth, technology, and greed. Their stories, filled with ambition and tragedy, serve as a cautionary tale for the crypto community. As we embrace the digital era, their legacies remind us to be vigilant in this promising yet perilous landscape.


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