How To Mine Crypto On Android? A Step-By-Step Guide

Mining Bitcoins involves using a program to earn them and providing services like cloud mining. Unfortunately, mining is not a simple process. The good news is, there are options for mining bitcoin on Android.

You might be interested in mining on an Android device, even if you don’t know how. Bitcoin mining requires a lot of data and processing power.

Mining bitcoin on Android is possible but not simple. To do it, install specialized software on your phone to mine bitcoin blocks.

The six effective ways to mine bitcoin using an Android device are examined below.

How to mine crypto on android
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How to Mine Bitcoin on Android?

Android Solo Mining

Bitcoin’s rapid growth attracts crypto mining companies, making it challenging for individuals.

Each Bitcoin has a 64-bit address, a public key, and a private key, with a fixed limit of 21 million units.

Despite these factors, mining a portion of a Bitcoin using smartphones takes months due to the current mining difficulty.

The hash rate, determined by a device’s ability to solve cryptographic puzzles, is crucial.

Don’t expect wealth from an old smartphone. Instead, consider mining other cryptocurrencies and exchanging them for bitcoin, a more profitable alternative.

Mining Pools for Cryptocurrency

Mining pools for cryptocurrencies consist of teams hosted by servers, contributing computing power to unlock transactions.

Each member receives a share based on their computational contribution during successful decryption.

To engage in cryptocurrency mining using certain Android apps, you need to establish a cryptocurrency pool.

While there’s no comprehensive ranking, here are some reliable pools with low costs and simple sign-up:

  • AntPool
  • Slush Pool
  • Kano

When deciding on a pool, consider its size (affecting payment frequency), charges (ranging from 0% to 3%), and payout type.

Pay-per-share (PPS) pools pay a specific sum per block, while score-based pools provide timed shares based on a published percentage.

6 Ways to Mine Bitcoin on An Android

A Bitcoin Mining App

Android devices can use a number of different bitcoin mining applications.

A Bitcoin Mining Pool

A group of bitcoin miners works together to mine the cryptocurrency. Joining a mining pool can increase your chances of earning bitcoins.

A Bitcoin Mining Rig

A specific computer made just for mining bitcoins is known as a bitcoin mining rig. You can mine bitcoin on an Android device if you have access to a mining rig.

A Cloud-based Bitcoin Miner

For Android devices, a number of cloud-based bitcoin miners are accessible. These miners let you mine bitcoin using the processing power of your tablet or smartphone.

An Android Phone Or Tablet to Complete the Task

If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can mine bitcoins using it.

A USB Bitcoin Miner

A specific kind of miner called a USB bitcoin miner enables you to mine bitcoins using your computer’s USB port.

To produce bitcoins for miners, bitcoin mining involves cracking difficult cryptographic puzzles. Bitcoin offers enormous investment potential, that much is obvious.

Benefits of Mining Bitcoin on Android

Advantages of Android Bitcoin Mining:

  1. Utilize your phone’s CPU for bitcoin mining.
  2. Mining generates heat, useful in winter.
  3. Easy learning of bitcoin and blockchain.
  4. Earn extra cash with Android bitcoin mining.
  5. Entertaining exploration of cryptocurrencies.
  6. Track mining progress on Android.
  7. Learn about different bitcoin wallets.

Cryptocurrency markets expand rapidly, driven by price changes and volatility, though Bitcoin fundamentals aren’t robust.

This reduces its real-world value for many consumers, driving interest in mining. Mining complexity rises, but smartphone technology now allows Bitcoin mining.

Mining gathers transaction fees, verifying transactions and generating computing power.

Transaction fees serve as transaction rewards, but as more people mine bitcoins, these rewards decrease.

How to mine crypto on android
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Best Android Phone for Mining Bitcoin

ROG Phone 5 from Asus

Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset, the Asus ROG Phone 5 distinguishes itself as a leading smartphone for bitcoin mining. Leveraging a cutting-edge 5nm-based processor, it excels in handling the intricate computational tasks crucial for efficient cryptocurrency mining.

Moreover, equipped with a substantial 6,000mAh battery, the smartphone emerges as an optimal choice for mining operations. The ample battery capacity ensures that any decline in power won’t significantly affect daily usage, making it well-suited for extended cryptocurrency mining sessions.

Galaxy S21 Ultra (Samsung)

Recently launched, the Samsung S21 Ultra has captured considerable attention. With an exceptionally potent Exynos 2100 chipset manufactured in India through a cutting-edge 5nm process, the device not only ensures high performance but also guarantees reliability.

Furthermore, featuring up to 16GB of RAM and UFS 3.1 storage, the smartphone proves itself versatile across a range of tasks.

This includes the ability to efficiently mine complex algorithms for cryptocurrency payments.

The OnePlus 8T

Although slightly older than the preceding phones in this list, the OnePlus 8T phone boasts a robust hardware setup that appears more than sufficient for various tasks.

Fueled by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset manufactured with a 7nm process, the device incorporates internal storage using UFS 3.1 and supports up to 12GB of RAM.

This combination, complemented by system optimization characteristic of OnePlus smartphones, ensures a seamless and fluid user experience.

The Xiaomi Mi 10

The Xiaomi Mi 10, Xiaomi’s most powerful smartphone, shares the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 CPU as the OnePlus 8T.

Alongside internal UFS 3.0 memory and support for up to 12GB of RAM, the device features a 4,780mAh battery, providing ample capacity for mining and other tasks.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 is equipped with robust technology that facilitates mobile cryptocurrency mining.


The iQOO 3 stands out as one of the most affordable smartphones with top-tier specs. Moving to the OnePlus 8T, its processor is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, complemented by a UFS 3.1-based internal memory system and 12GB of RAM.

This device supports both gaming and cryptocurrency mining. However, it’s worth noting that it has the lowest battery capacity at just 4,400mAh, which could be a limiting factor for extended mining sessions.

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Bitcoin Mining Apps for Android


A website where people can buy and sell cryptocurrencies is called Binance. It is accessible through a Binance Inc. app for Android 4.2 and higher.

Storm Play

A cryptocurrency app called Storm Play is offered by StormX Global. By experimenting with the products of various companies, this software enables you to earn cryptocurrency incentives.


Based on the offerings and developments from Sweatcoin Ltd, Sweatcoin seems to function as both a bitcoin miner and a fitness app.

To reap rewards for each fitness session, the program transforms your actions into cash.

Coin Club

Coin Club, a smartphone app crafted by international cryptocurrency investors, offers the latest blockchain information and real-time features.

Members of this app receive token rewards and are part of a network of cryptocurrency investment groups.

Alien Run

Experience the adventure game Alien Run, where you can play and win Bitcoins simultaneously. Bitcoin Aliens provides this game, making it compatible with iOS 8.0 and later, as well as Android 3.0 and later.

Free Bitcoin

A free Android app called Free Bitcoin gives out Satoshi awards every hour.

Inputting your BT wallet ID is required, but if you don’t already have one, the program will quickly show you how to create one.

Blockchain Game

The miner app, Blockchain Game, is developed and provided by Bitcoin Aliens.

This application allows you to effortlessly receive bitcoins earned through playing arcade games directly into your Bitcoin wallet.

Btc Safari

A free bitcoin faucet miner program is called BTC SAFARI. Once every 15 minutes, it can produce up to 400 Satoshis.


Kryptex seems to be a software application designed for computers, generating and mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which can be converted into real currency.

The pricing of the plan is determined by the type of machine used.

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