Does Send 1099? A Complete Analysis

An inquiry frequently raised concerns whether 1099s are issued by

With the ongoing growth of the cryptocurrency sphere, users are increasingly recognizing the tax considerations associated with engaging in the trade and investment of digital assets.

Within this extensive manual, we will investigate the resolution to this inquiry, provide insights on obtaining your tax report from, evaluate whether communicates with the IRS, and furnish essential details on maintaining compliance with’s tax reporting requirements.

Upon concluding this piece, you will possess a comprehensive comprehension of’s 1099 procedures and their implications for you as a user.

Does send 1099? is a cryptocurrency exchange app based in Singapore. The app currently has 10 million users and 3,000 employees: Photo source (Reddit)

Does send 1099s?, a cryptocurrency exchange, complies with tax reporting requirements, sending 1099 forms to eligible users.

The relevant form for crypto transactions is the 1099-K, reporting payment card and third-party network transactions.

Users receive this form if they meet specific criteria: over 200 transactions or gross payments exceeding $20,000 during the tax year.

Receiving a 1099-K doesn’t automatically imply tax liability; it indicates transactions meeting reporting thresholds.

Users should assess their transactions and seek advice from a tax professional to ascertain tax obligations.

How to Get Your Tax Report From

Use your transaction history to create a tax report easily. Explore cryptocurrency tax reporting tools like CoinTracker, CryptoTrader.Tax, and TokenTax, which allow you to import your CSV file and calculate your tax obligations effortlessly.

These tools streamline the process of generating a comprehensive tax report for IRS submission.

Remember that tax laws differ based on your country of residence.

Consult a tax professional to ensure accurate reporting of your cryptocurrency transactions and compliance with local tax obligations.

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Will Report to the IRS? assures users that it will report transaction data to the IRS under specific circumstances, such as when users meet certain thresholds.

The Terms of Service outline this obligation, and the platform emphasizes its commitment to complying with tax regulations.

While user privacy is a priority, may disclose information as required by law or legal processes.

Understanding that IRS reporting is limited to necessary tax information, implements security measures to protect user data is important.


Understanding’s 1099 reporting is crucial for meeting tax obligations.

Key points:

  1. sends 1099-K forms for specific transaction thresholds.
  2. Obtain your tax report by exporting transaction history and using a crypto tax tool.
  3. complies with IRS regulations without compromising privacy.
  4. Stay compliant by maintaining accurate records and consulting a tax professional.
  5. Stay informed on evolving tax laws for cryptocurrency transactions to ensure compliance and enjoy the benefits of trading legally.

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